Yoan Makoundou, the NBA, but also Fenerbahçe in the line of sight

The Choletais Yoan Makoundou (2.07 m, 21 years old), who presents himself to the daft NBA, is also courted by Fenerbahçe.

It’s NBA workout time and the Charlotte Hornets have been very popular with the French since Hugo Besson, Ismaël Kamagate, Malcolm Cazalon and Yoan Makoundou have toured North Carolina. The draft will be held on Thursday 23.

Moreover, from Turkish sources, we learn that Yoan Makoundou is the target of Fenerbahçe, which had already taken a strong interest in him a year ago. Since then, his game has been properly boosted. The native of Melun is expected, at the end of June, in the France team, which will travel to Nanterre for the qualifying matches for the World Cup against Montenegro and Hungary.

Photo: Ismaël Kamagate (Hornets)

Photo: Hornets

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