“You saw who they were relying on at the end of the game”

Since the beginning of the finals, even before the title of the Warriors, a name keeps coming up in the debates, even though it was not in these finals, it is Kevin Durant. Among the subjects which animate the discussions, there is that concerning the identity of the best player between KD and Stephen Curry or who was the real leader of this Warriors team from 2016 to 2019. Charles Barkley notably stated that KD had to win a title by being “the driver of the bus” to have more recognition. On the set of Get Up CJ McCollum brought up the subject.

“I totally disagree with Charles Barkley,” named CJ McCollum. “Obviously he joined a very, very good team with a champion caliber roster, with a lot of depth, but he was the bus driver. Of course there was Steph Curry, two-time MVP, unanimous MVP, but he had 30 points, 7 rebounds and 4.5 assists in his 15 Finals games. He showed he could take things into his own hands late in the game, and he was on the verge of winning his third Finals MVP trophy before being injured against the Raptors. His resume speaks for itself. Of course people don’t agree with the decision taken on July 4, 2016, but that’s how it is. I think that made him a better player. »

Was it his team?

“The best is subjective,” said CJ McCollum. “Obviously it’s Steph’s team, he was there first, the fans liked him more, because he drafted there and he grew up on that team. Of course they respected KD and adopted him, but at the end of the meeting you saw who they were relying on. He’s 2m13, he does a lot of things that Steph Curry does, but he’s a 2m13 version. People like to compare them, but they’re both very good in their own way. Steph is arguably one of the top 10 players in history after that last title and he was the bus driver on that team, got them to the finals, and he carried the team sometimes without having any help. »


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